Information for Employers





Currently I am seeking employment in film and television art departments with the goal of storyboarding, illustrating, and or assistant art directing. 

Recently I have completed work on Superman & Lois season 2 as art department assistant, and before that I worked as a scenic artist in the paint department. My background painting sets has given me perspective on the practical affairs of building motion pictures that has proven to be an asset in art department affairs. 

Currently I am teaching myself 3d software in the way of sketchup and blender; while also experienced with photoshop, illustrator, and procreate. As a BFA graduate of Emily Carr University, I am well trained in traditional drawing practices as well as being equipped with a tenacious vocabulary and historical background of artistic practice. As an avid reader of comics, I have a firm grasp on the principals of sequential narrative and would consider myself a student of Will Eisner and Scott McCloud.


As a fan of the medium, I am constantly digesting television and films. Research is ever exciting to me, and I always try and have my finger on the pulse of the cultural moment. 

If you would like to discuss whether I would be a good fit for your project, feel free to call or email me at 778-318-3961,

arm regards,